We make beers that we love to drink! Our core range includes well known styles such as pale ale and stout, as well as sour ales which are refreshingly tart. We use water, malt, hops and yeast to brew our beers, and add fruit, herbs and spices for great flavour. We don’t use any finings to clear our beers so they have a natural haze and are vegan-friendly. Our beers are served in bottle or by keykeg. They are naturally carbonated through the conditioning process, we don’t add any gas to them.

Goodsize eh frontGoodside eh side


4.5% ABV
Goodsize eh? is an American pale ale characterised by floral, fruitiness with piney, resinous American-variety hop character. The beer features a medium to medium-high hop bitterness, flavour and aroma. Goodsize eh? is a dark golden ale that starts off with a bitter kick which is quickly followed by floral, citrus notes and a smooth finish.

Grebe frontGrebe side


5.5% ABV
Grebe’s Procession is a rich and roasty oatmeal stout with biscuit aromas and subtle coffee flavours. The addition of oatmeal gives Grebe’s Procession a smooth, rich body and a creamy head which complements its higher than average carbonation.

Big boy pants frontBig boy pants side


3.8% ABV
Big Boy Pants is a Belgian farmhouse sour ale with tart grapefruit flavour and aroma and low bitterness. The acidity in Big Boy Pants is derived from lactic, acetic and other organic acids naturally developed with acidulated malt in the mash. It’s a great sour beer for those who haven’t tried one before – the low ABV and high carbonation make this a very refreshing session sour ale.
So put on your Big Boy Pants and enjoy!

Numbskulls frontNumbskulls side


Bleeding Heart Numbskulls is a sour beer that will change and evolve with every batch: certain versions are one-off brews and some you’ll see back from time to time. These unique beers vary in colour and can take on the hues of added fruits or other ingredients as well as their flavour and aroma. Sourness is an important part of the flavour profile, and the various added ingredients will affect its intensity. The acidity in the Bleeding Heart Numbskulls range is derived from lactic, acetic and other organic acids naturally developed with acidulated malt in the mash, as well as produced during fermentation by the use of various microorganisms such as lactobacillus or a combination of pediococcus and brettanomyces.

Bleeding Heart Numbskulls Cranberry and Thyme is 5.5% ABV. It has a slight red hue from adding fresh cranberries in the brewing process. The prominent thyme aroma cuts the sweetness of the fruit and makes for a unique drinking experience.