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Amy Taylor

Co-founder and director

Amy is a PhD student at University of Oxford. She has experience in a range of positions across the criminal justice sector, including as an auxiliary police officer in Toronto, as regional manager of a non-profit organisation working with ex-offenders, in operations for the courts service, in legal research at the Law Commission and most recently as a senior policy advisor at the Ministry of Justice.

Hobbies: Cuddling her puggle, roadtrips, music festivals and dancing with Tess
Favourite Beer: Cantillon Gueuze


Paul Humpherson

Co-founder and director

Paul is an independent criminal barrister, a government lawyer and a university tutor. He has worked in a variety of legal roles across the criminal justice system, including helping to administer restorative justice conferences with the Oxfordshire Youth Offending Team.

Hobbies: Walking, camping, skiing and being generally outdoorsy. And (most importantly) drinking good beer.
Favourite Beer: Oud Beersel Oude Vieux Lambiek


Tess Taylor

Co-founder and director

Tess is a bachelor of commerce graduate who worked for several years as a counsellor helping ex-offenders to secure pardons for criminal records. She has a range of experience in the hospitality industry, most recently as general manager of a café specialising in craft beer.

Hobbies: Long walks to the fridge, drinking sour beer, dancing with Amy
Favourite Beer: Magic Rock Louche Cerise
Favourite Quote: Life is beautiful. (No seriously, she has it tattooed on her neck…)


Jason Bolger

Head brewer

Jason is an award winning craft brewer who trained at the Siebel institute of Technology in Chicago and is continuing his studies at the Institute of Brewing and Distilling in London. He began his brewing career at Iron Hill Brewery and Restaurant in Phoenixville, USA, before moving to Northville Brewery and Winery in Northville. After arriving in the UK, Jason was head brewer at Brewhouse and Kitchen in Portsmouth.

Hobbies: Pub walks, cycling, disc golf and rockin’ out to Detroit techno.
Favourite Beer: Bell’s Two Hearted Ale
Favourite Quote: Talk to me, Goose.


Matt Elliott

Accounts and operations manager

Matt is an economics and management graduate with experience working across a broad range of industries. He worked for several years for a large multinational consultancy firm as an economist and modeller, and having subsequently developed an enthusiasm for software coding, has written bespoke pieces of software for small businesses. Along the way he has also qualified as an outdoor instructor and taught students in maths and economics at GCSE and A level.

Hobbies: Climbing, cycling and pre-beer dancefloor avoidance. (But you should see his post-beer dance moves…)
Favourite Beer: Brouwerij Huyghe Delirium Tremens
Favourite Quote: What are we gonna do now? Go and make a tent in the living room and eat Dairylea? Is that what you want? Because that’s what’s gonna happen.

Photo credits: Ian Wallman and Fisher Studios