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Call To Action – Key Aims to Combat Racial Inequality in the Criminal Justice System

By way of conclusion to the last 4 blog posts on the topic of racial inequality in the Criminal Justice System we’d like to suggest some ways we can all help improve the situation.

Racial Inequality in Prisons

Tap Social works with people in and recently released from prison to create training and employment opportunities, since having a job is proven to dramatically reduce rates of reoffending (by up to 67%)[1].   The state of the prisons in England and Wales is therefore an issue of great importance to us. 

Racial Inequality in the Courts

It is often said that justice should be blind, by which it is meant that decisions should be made without prejudice based on physical characteristics such as apparent age, sex or membership of a particular race or ethnic group. This should be the very bare minimum expectation of a civilised justice system, though in many cases there may be compelling reasons to go beyond the mere expectation of an absence of prejudice, and demand that the courts positively take into account the different experiences of certain communities in tailoring the appropriate criminal justice response, in order to truly do justice to difference.

Racial Inequality in Policing

The work of Tap Social tends to focus on the ‘back end’ of the criminal justice system, i.e. we work with people who have been through the system, have been convicted and sentenced for an offence (perhaps more than once) and often have already served the majority of a prison sentence.

Black Lives Matter

We at Tap Social want to make a statement in solidarity with the Black Lives Matter movement.  We strongly support those who have raised their voices and taken to the streets across the world in protest against racial inequality, as tragically and powerfully symbolised by the senseless killing of George Floyd by white police officers in Minneapolis, USA on the 25th May 2020.
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