Gabriel's Story

Tap Social Movement employed Gabriel* for a year in a back-office role, before placing him with one of our partner employers, a specialist recruiter to the construction and infrastructure sector.


I joined Tap on day release whilst serving a lengthy prison sentence for drug-related offences and I worked across various jobs in the business – from sales administration to IT systems.

The whole TAP experience was good from beginning to end as you were never made to feel like a prisoner: You were a person and not just your crime – and it was genuine. You’re trusted at TAP as you would be in any other job, given responsibility and your skills utilised. Getting away from the prison and working at Tap was a real breath of fresh air and a welcome dose of normality for me.


I would say that [Tap Social] was pivotal in me being able to walk straight from prison into paid employment. This is evidenced by the fact at the first opportunity they were keen to connect me with contacts that could potentially help me going forward once I had left prison.

When I was released, the Tap team were able to place me with one of their partner employers, a specialist recruiter to the construction and infrastructure sector. Upon meeting, the people at Tap had already sold the people on the idea that I could be a good fit for them. They spoke highly of me at a time when my self esteem may not have been the highest. Upon being offered the role I was told that Tap's referral was enough of guarantee for them to be confident of offering me a role.

Things are all good with me: I'm still working there and l'm in good health. I would like to thank guys for the opportunity given both at Tap and for the introduction to [the firm]. Suffice to say its proved fruitful – you guys can add to me the proud list of Tap success stories!

Gabriel recently won Employee of the Year. His boss says he is “continually going above and beyond his role. His work takes a massive burden off the recruiters, we barely hear about it, which is the way it should be”.

*name has been changed for privacy.