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Facts on Tap

Inside Out

The route out of prison is an obstacle course[1]: release means rebuilding family relationships, finding jobs, secu...


Half of all employers wouldn't hire someone with a criminal record[1]. The unemployment, low self-esteem and financ...

False Economy

Prisoners get £76* for the journey after prison[1], and for those without homes, often just a tent[2]. Without the n...

Cell Count

At £42k/year[1], a prison place costs about 10 times more than a community sentence of the same length[2], and come...

Time Better Spent

A third of prisoners spend at least 22 hours a day locked in their cells[1]. Unsurprisingly, reoffending rates are ...

Cycle of Invisibility

Based on findings in the Prison Reform Trust's Bromley Briefings Prison Factfile (Winter 2022), prisoners who identi...

Hazy Logic

The government has pledged an extra £4 billion for use between 2020-2024 to deliver 18,000 additional prison places a...
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