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False Economy

Prisoners get £76* for the journey after prison[1], and for those without homes, often just a tent[2]. Without the necessary support to rebuild, half of prison leavers reoffend within a year[3], costing the taxpayer a further £6BN annually[4]. This is a FALSE ECONOMY.


 *This figure was increased in 2021. From 1995-2021, the discharge grant sat at just £46.  [1]  This ‘discharge grant’ has not been increased since 1996.  For a detailed analysis of the inadequacy of this grant, and other financial support available to prison leavers, see [2];; [3] The reoffending rate is dynamic, but remains stubbornly high, 48% within one year across all adults released from prison, rising to 64% for those released from short sentences (less than one year) and as high as 70% for children released from prison. (Ministry of Justice (2019) Proven reoffending statistics quarterly: April to June 2017.  [4] The overall annual cost of reoffending to the taxpayer for the 2016 cohort was estimated at £18.1 billion.  Approximately £6 billion (one third) of this cost was a result of people reoffending after being released from a prison sentence (see figure 7 – page of
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