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Half of all employers wouldn't hire someone with a criminal record[1]. The unemployment, low self-esteem and financial dependence that result are secondary punishments after prison[2]. Finding work makes a person up to 70% less likely to reoffend[3]; that's what a JOB’S WORTH. 


[1] YouGov and Department for Work and Pensions (2016).   An earlier 2010 survey by Working Links of 300 employers found that only 18% had hired someone with a criminal conviction during the previous three years, and almost three quarters admitted that a conviction disclosure would culminate in rejection of that applicant in favour of a similarly qualified candidate without convictions (Working Links, 2010.) [2] With the result that only 17% of ex-offenders are in stable employment a year after leaving prison: Ministry of Justice (2018) Education and employment strategy [3]; Chant, J. Lockhart, G. Ullman, B. (2008) You’re Hired!  Encouraging the Employment of Ex-offenders. Policy Exchange Research; also of note in this context is that 68% of ex-offenders themselves consider a job the single most important factor in reducing their risk of reoffending -;  Social Exclusion Unit (2002) Reducing Re-offending by ex-prisoners

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